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  • Dancing Goat

    Dark smooth and sweet with a beautiful floral aroma, exceptionally clean acidity, and a heavy, nutty body. Flavor nuances include fresh citrus fruits and fine chocolate. Caramelly and spicy, its complexity makes for both a flavorful espresso as well as an exceptional drip coffee. This fabled blend is featured in espresso bars, cafes, and restaurants across the United States that strive to create the “Perfect Cup”.

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  • Dark Velvet

    This deeply rich dark roast blend includes outstanding origins from Kenya, Columbia, and Indonesian Java. Full bodied with a sumptuous flavor and medium-low acidity. Bold yet nuanced.

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  • Decaf Caramel Kiss

    Creamy caramel flavor evokes memories of old-fashion caramel squares used in so any sweet, rich recipes. The extremely enticing aroma is sure to make your mouth water. (Decaf)

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  • Decaf Columbian Supremo

    Exceptional balance, with a rich, winey, flavor aroma. All the balanced full flavor, rich aroma and body without the caffeine.

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